Kelly Gowan

Kelly Gowan’s Artwork
Kelly’s passion for art runs deep where she is constantly dreaming of the next painting. She has officially been a full-time artist since 2015 and has sold hundreds of paintings across the United States as well as in Denmark and France. She has participated in art shows, such as the Fort Worth Main Street Art Festival where she successfully sold out, as well as Texas based galleries. She is an abstract artist that works a lot with large resin paintings, but she also loves mixed media and does not set limits on what types of paintings she does. Because she works in various mediums, she has stayed busy with commissioned paintings where she collaborates with customers and designers for specific sizes, colors, themes, styles and mediums. All of her paintings are one of a kind and she pours her heart out into each piece. She works from her art studio on a lake in East Texas now where she pours resin and manipulates the inks with blow torches, heat guns, her hands and various tools to achieve the looks she wants. When she is not utilizing resin, she has worked with metal, acrylic glass, acrylic paints, cold wax, and oil. She has also done beautiful pieces of 3D wall art and is constantly pushing her boundaries to try new things, while perfecting her techniques along the journey.
Kelley is happy to recreate an “out of stock” painting for commission.